About Us

The Baxley News-Banner is the oldest business in Baxley started in 1884 by Warren P. Ward, of Douglas, as the Baxley Banner. Since 1885 The Baxley Banner began to receive most of the official notices for the county. In 1902 The Baxley Banner bought the Appling County News from A.M. Cool and the name was changed to its current title of The Baxley News-Banner. Later in 1940 The News-Banner bought the Baxley Herald from Carr McLemore.

Mr. Ward returned to Douglas between 1887 and 1888 to become the editor of the Coffee County Gazette. After Mr. Ward, The News-Banner had many editors starting with John C. Geiger, J.H. Thomas, Julius King, N.L. Stafford, George D. Lowe, 1897-1902; Charles H. Parker and John C. Bennett, 1902; Wade M. Shepherd, 1902-1909; Dave Parker, 1909-1910. On October 3, 1912, The Baxley News-Banner Publishing Company was organized with Marvin N. Dickinson as editor from 1912-1918. Walter E. Bradely took over as the editor and publisher in 1918 and continued until October of 1927. In the October 13, 1927 issue of the paper, Ulmer L. Cox was listed as the owner and manager with H.A. Watts as editor. The Cox family owned The News-Banner until it was sold to J.E. Baynard in August 1941 and then sold to Albert S. Jenkins in December 1941. Jenkins was the editor until it was sold to Community Newspaper Services, Inc. in 1977, which in turn sold some shares to Max Gardner. Gardner and his wife, Helen, purchased the newspaper in 1981 and served as editors and publishers until December 2007 when they sold the company to their son, Jamie Gardner.

The Baxley News-Banner has won numerous awards throughout the years for dedication and excellence in news reporting, photography, editorial content, advertising layout and design and much more. The newspaper is dedicated to bringing the best news and coverage of Appling County for past, present and future generations.

The objectives of The Baxley News-Banner are, "The continuous growth of Baxley and Appling County through better government and education, religious and moral awareness."