It was reported last week that U.S. Border Patrol agents have apprehended a total of 1,666,167 illegals at the southern border to date in 2021. This total breaks all records since the agency’s formation. In addition to this new record, almost 300,000 more illegals were stopped at points of entry after trying to enter into the country without legal documentation. That’s almost 2 million this year apprehended by agents.

This is only recorded apprehensions along our southern border. Can you imagine how many unreported illegals have crossed over into this country illegally?

Some states are beginning to take matters into their own hands, despite this being a federal issue. Texas is using its own resources to try to secure the southern border and stop illegal crossings. Governor Greg Abbott is using state law enforcement and National Guard members to secure the border in Texas.

Where is President Biden? This administration seems to be absent when it comes to illegal crossings. When Biden took office, he worked quickly to try to undo many of former President Trump’s border security measures. This administration should have posted signs across the border that read, “We’re open; come on in!”

I’m sure some will say that is not the case, but here’s some proof to consider. In December 2020 agents arrested around 74,000 illegals at the southern border. By July 2021 that number shot up almost three times higher as agents arrested 213,500 that month alone.

This is simply unsustainable. It certainly makes me wonder why this administration is allowing this to happen. If the Biden administration would like to consider some more mandates, how about we look at mandating a closed southern border. Our priorities seem to be a little disoriented at this point.