Terrible debate

What a horrible debate. Last week’s debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden was terrible. There were moments you could not even hear what the two men were saying due to a lack of decorum. President Trump seemed to be on the attack from the word go and was ill-mannered at times during the debate. Biden seemed to have difficulty answering questions at times and also showed a lack of respect toward the President, going as far as to resort to name calling.

Did I mention it was terrible?

But the absolute worst part of the night was moderator Chris Wallace. I have never witnessed a more one-sided moderator in all my years of watching debates. It was obvious that he was biased as he called President Trump down far more for his interruptions than he did Biden. It also appeared that Wallace led Biden at times to answer certain questions.

Debate moderators must remain neutral and not interject their own political beliefs into these debates. But I guess this is just another example of how liberal the mainstream media has become.

The next debate is scheduled for October 7 and will be between Vice President Mike Pence and Democrat nominee Kamala Harris.

President Trump and Biden will then supposedly faceoff once again Oct. 15 and Oct. 22; that’s if the two men agree to continue debating each other.

On a separate note, there have been people around this country that have cheered or rejoiced in President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s illnesses, going as far as to say they deserve to have COVID-19. To these people I simply say, you are sick individuals. Godspeed to the Trumps in their recovery, and all who are currently battling this terrible virus.

-Jamie Gardner