It’s often spoken during conversation, “Just give me a few minutes,” or “I’ll be there shortly” without people truly giving adequate weight to their statements.  In truth, not very many individuals seem to place a real value on time, whether it’s theirs or that of others.  This has become increasingly apparent during recent years as most attribute less importance to the art of effective time management.  There’s little consideration given to the fact it interprets as offensive to others when one doesn’t value or respect their time.

Invariably, children and young adults seldom give thought to the fact they’ll eventually run out of time as the journey of life at their ages is reasoned to have just begun.  A common question   posed to youths has to do with what they want to be when they grow up.  Popular responses include the children’s desires to become doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, firefighters, etc. as goals they’ve formulated.  

In the majority of cases, the desires of children will honestly change as life happens and circumstances play a more significant role in the direction taken.  This becomes readily apparent in the fact that no child ever lists his/her aspiration to become a career criminal, rapist, or murderer; to spend their adult life incarcerated.  The fact such people exist simply confirms that life, at some point, interjected issues and concerns that more-or-less derailed their initially viable plans.

Getting back to the topic at hand; it becomes more and more important to save, preserve, and optimize time as one realizes the greater amount of it allocated to him/her has passed.  A simple analogy has long proven true in the fact that “As much strength as he might possess, the world’s strongest man doesn’t have the capacity to hold back time.”

Unfortunately, at the point one realizes the benefit of simply not wasting time, it is most often beyond the period so much of it would have been sacrificed.  To consider that adequate wisdom isn’t generally acquired until it’s too late for the quality to be applied when one can reap the optimum benefit is a true oxymoron.  In other words, at the point most individuals come to truly understand the importance of optimizing time, it’s essentially too late to enjoy all that has been wasted or lost to the grips of foolishness.

The sooner one can come to terms with the fact that mortal life isn’t permanent, nor is any specified length of time guaranteed, the more purposeful and deliberate his/her choices become.  Typically, it’s not until one realizes the limits of any resource, including time, that he undertakes proper actions as necessary to preserve it.  In short, the earlier that people accept the limitations assigned to every mortal being, the more effective they become at optimizing what time they’re allowed on this side of life.  What transpires beyond the earthly presence, however, is a topic better discussed on another occasion.

The bottom line is that time; the most essential element allowed to man, is disbursed to each person in specific pre-determined supply.  Though the Word does indicate in Exodus 20:12, “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee” as this is the first scripture that comes with a promise.  None-the-less, the issue lies in the fact, no matter how much you’re allowed, time will without question, run out for everyone.

It is vital that we, as people, grasp the fact mortality has limitations and, whatever time was apportioned for our lives, it will eventually be exhausted.  One of the most disheartening realizations is for a person to come into that knowledge too late.  There’s an old adage that resigns: “All those seconds, all those minutes, all those hours, all those days, all those weeks, all those months, all those years; damned, that was my life.”

Our lives can be lived in a number of ways which are affected by the choices each of us make.  How long we have on this side of it, as stated, can be lengthened or grossly abbreviated depending upon the method one chooses.  I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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