The lost art of communication

It’s rather peculiar that during this period often referred to as the communication age, how little people are actually able to effectively communicate. In every type relationship whether it be romantic, friendly, professional, or otherwise, the demonstrated need for individuals to relay pertinent information in a clear and concise manner is paramount to the success of any affiliation.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks in any situation wherein a disagreement or conflict emerges as an issue usually results from failed communication or the lack thereof. Typically, one or the other of parties involved in the “transfer of information” will either misunderstand or misinterpret something that was stated which ultimately results with a mass breakdown on all talking points.

As exampled in any working relationship where there’s a disparity of information, details can get scrambled and tasks go left undone or not properly completed. Contrary to what many believe, the primary concern in every instance has to center around the mere concept of communication. Whether it’s a seemingly insignificant detail or something much more monumental, there’s the undeniable need for consistent understanding which can only be fostered by open and earnest discussion. An employee’s lack of knowledge concerning his or her responsibilities can have an adverse impact on the overall performance of an entire business empire.

Even casual friendships need to be constructed on a firm foundation that involves people’s coming together under the pretense of their having similar commonalities. When individuals converse and determine they harbor similar feelings and opinions as relative to certain subject matter, it will sometimes establish a connection that facilitates a lasting mutual association. A sure way to diminish the bond between friends is to have one or the other prove to be untruthful or untrustworthy.

Probably the most volatile relationship that hinges on the art of communication is the one established between two parties who are romantically involved with each other. There’s little difference between a young man and young lady engaged in courtship and parties who escalate their romance to the status of marriage.

When a man and woman meet and unofficially agree to officially pursue a relationship, it’s not uncommon for them to spend countless hours engaged in conversation, the purpose of which, is to gain an understanding of the type persons they are and whether common interests might warrant a relationship.

Often, individuals embark on what proves a mutual journey by spending hours talking in effort to know more about each other. The unfortunate fact in many situations is people meet and spend the first several hours telling each other everything there is to know about themselves. Then, the next several months consist of their realizing much of the information shared had been embellished, downplayed, or flat out fabricated.

In marriage, a husband and wife will naturally navigate situations that are deemed unfavorable simply as a means of living life. If the lines of communication become blurred, they’ll eventually stop relating to one another. Ultimately, this is the direction that drives the majority of marriages in the direction of divorce. With the conclusion of a great number of marriages, there’s often the claim that “we just grew apart” as reason for the break-up. In actuality, if one was to peel back the layers of misgivings and unearth the true underlying cause, the real conspirator can be attributed to a simple lack of communication.

In life, there’s never a guarantee that any relationship will stand the test of time but it does make a great deal of difference when things can be put into proper perspective from the very beginning. Whatever the case, preserving the art of effective communication is paramount as it’s impossible to live truthfully in an untruthful situation.

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