Tax Season

The 18th of April has passed again. We had a few extra days to procrastinate. Tax season is now over for most of us, and we can relax until next year.  I wonder why we have a season dedicated to taxes.  I understand the Christmas season, Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall, and even Hunting Season, but Tax Season?  Why?  What are we celebrating?  I don’t know anyone who is happy about taxes, except perhaps IRS employees.  Are they even happy?  I suppose they must pay taxes, too.  I have no doubt that the IRS is the most hated of the government agencies, no matter how illogical that hatred is.  It’s like cursing the clerk when something you bought at Wal-Mart malfunctions.  It’s not the clerk’s fault, but he stands in front of you and receives the brunt of your anger anyway.

Years ago, the IRS audited me, and the agent treated me like a common criminal. His tone was condescending from the minute the interview started. He spoke as if I had stolen his own personal property long before my tax return proved the contrary. I had not cheated the government. I had paid my taxes, as he himself was able to see after the audit was finished. When I think back to that incident, I like to think that it was a sign of the times. Back then nurses, teachers, and especially librarians were rude. I think they were probably trained to be. Maybe IRS agents were, too, but he was the rudest I ever encountered.