Pure trash


A few days back, I helped my 16-year-old son get caught up on mowing here at the newspaper office. This has been his summer job, and I believe a good way to teach him some responsibility. As we prepared to mow, we had to spend time picking up trash that found its way to the yard here at the newspaper office and next door at my wife’s office building. The people who threw their trash on our properties are pure trash in my opinion.

I am always astonished at how people show such disrespect for other people’s property. We constantly have to pick up litter at our properties throughout the week. I’m sure many business owners in Baxley and Appling County have to do the same, and are probably like me, growing tired of the constant trash. In fact, if you travel down most streets in Baxley, and in Appling County, you are bound to see loads of trash on our roadways.

This is a burden on local taxpayers as well. The county and city spends taxpayers’ money just trying to keep the trash at bay. In the past the two governments have been able to get work details from neighboring prisons to come in and assist with litter. However, due to COVID, it has become difficult to keep these work details on the job. Therefore, the litter problem continues to intensify. At its last meeting, the county commission discussed looking at contracting out this type of litter cleanup to a private company.

Lately, we have also seen an uptick in uninvited pedestrian traffic on our properties and in our parking areas. This is especially aggravating to most business owners when there are perfectly good sidewalks in most instances. One individual recently decided to leave an entire shopping cart from a nearby store in one of our parking lots during a verbal dispute with another party (a man and a woman). Luckily the individual was spotted later when she tried to walk through the same area. She was asked to return the cart to the store it belonged to. We are not sure if it was returned, but we are sure it was removed from our property.

I really don’t know what it is going to take to get people to stop littering in our community. This newspaper and others have written opinions and articles about this problem for years and it must be falling on deaf ears. In fact, I think Mary Ann Ellis just wrote about this problem a few weeks ago.

Again, maybe some timely citations when offenders are caught would go a long way to curbing this issue. Finally, how about this idea? Maybe, just maybe, people could stop being trashy and show respect for their neighbors and this community.