Praises First Responders

Appling County is blessed to have some of the finest First Responders in existence. They are dedicated professionals that truly love their job. To the folks who have chosen this profession, it’s much more than just a job. Their courage, resourcefulness, focus, and foresight guide them to be who they are. We count on them to come when we are in need. Their response time can be shortened by understanding a simple fact.

If you live, or your emergency is, near a county line, and in the event you need to call 911 on your cell phone, the call may go to the neighboring county 911 center. If you do not tell the 911 operator that the address of the emergency is in Appling County, precious seconds of response time may be lost as they search their data base for your address. Once it is determined that you have an Appling County address, the operator will transfer your call to the Appling County 911 Center, and they (Appling) will dispatch the appropriate response.