Out gallivanting

She’s our beloved aunt but we hadn’t seen her in years. She’d married our Uncle Ray and lived happily ever after with him until he died and left her behind. We went to see them more often when Uncle Ray was still alive, even though it was a long way to their house in South Carolina. After mourning his death for a couple of years, she found Fate to be kind enough to send her another man to love and alleviate her loneliness. They sang and danced through the few years they had together, and Sarah Nell and I kept planning to go see them. Life happened though, and my right knee started to hurt more and more. I could hardly drive locally, much less long distance, so we procrastinated. During this time, this husband too died; she nursed him as best she could and treated him right. His children didn’t return the favor; they threw her out of the house before his body was hardly buried.

Soon we heard that Aunt Joan had moved back to Lyons to live with her brother who was delighted to have her with him and his wife. Nobody was getting younger. Aunt Joan had just turned eighty on her last birthday. Her brother was right behind her in age.