Nocturnal address

The little snap of frosty weather came tripping by a couple of weeks ago and froze the rest of my flowers that we hadn’t taken inside. We stored as many as possible in the house beforehand. My son tells me that houseplants make the air healthy; if so, we are in great shape for the winter.

During the weekend when the temperatures rose again to a comfortable level, we opened every single window in the whole house and let the fresh air flow in. The dogs checked the outside view from each window. Along with the nice breeze, quite a few sounds wafted in, too, some that I hadn’t noticed in a long time. Suddenly, the dogs were running up and down the hall barking at the train, which was whistling its merry way down the track about a mile away. It didn’t sound like a mile away. The dogs thought it was in the living room, and for a few minutes I wasn’t so sure myself. We all breathed a sigh of relief when it passed on by.