For years he and my Dad, the late Max Gardner, were good friends. They would often bounce ideas about politics off each other and you could truly see the trust and admiration between the two men when they were together. After my Dad’s death, that trust fell on me.

There were many conversations between Lewis Parker and me here at my office, at the post office or in our vehicles. He became one of my most trusted confidants over the years when I took over the newspaper, and I’d like to think I was one of his.

We all know his famed history in our county. Lewis was sheriff for 20 years and he also served as county chairman for a number of years. What you may not realize is that Lewis had a tremendous love for God, his family and this community. He will be missed by me and many others in this community.

Vickie, Kevin, Missy, Mason, Merrick, Bill, Timmy and the rest of the family, know we are lifting you up in our thoughts and prayers.

- Jamie Gardner