Honor worthy?

Take a nice clean sheet of paper and your favorite pen. Sit at your desk or your kitchen table and prepare to think hard. Bring a hot cup of coffee to help you think. Now make a list of all the people you know who are truly honor-worthy. Need some help? After all, honor is one of those hazy English words with a multitude of ambiguous meanings. Mr. Webster defines a person who’s honor worthy as having a keen sense of ethical conduct, a good name or public esteem; one whose worth brings respect or fame; one who gives his word as a guarantee of performance and then stands behind it. Now make your list.

Okay, so you’ve got your father or mother on there - maybe both. Any body else? A friend or two and maybe a couple of other relatives? Do you have any local, state, or national politicians? How about the people you work with or go to church with? How about the person with the pen in his hand - you, me?