Healing in the wake of change

Without question, these are some of the most trying times witnessed by the United States and the world at large as has been recorded throughout modern history. It would seem that every adverse or contrary set of circumstances is amplified to such a degree each particular concern holds the greatest sense of urgency for anyone supportive of that specific cause. Every matter that strikes a chord with activists is considered to be the most significant issue society faces.

There are continuous cries for change on virtually all fronts including economic, social, scientific, political, geographic, etc. Innumerable animal species are listed as being endangered, both the oceans and air are polluted, deforestation is having a drastic effect on climate change, not to mention the crime rate, drugs, racism, and other socio-economic problems at hand. With the current conditions plaguing this country, it’s a wonder anybody would want to get involved in politics at all, let alone, be president.

In every national election since the process began, there has been a loser of either one party or the other. Standard protocol would have the candidate who receives the majority of votes inaugurated and go on to be the political leader of the country the four years immediately following. Almost as significant as the process confirming the newly elected president is the act of concession by the other party’s candidate, but that, as of yet, fails to be the case in the most recent election, which has facilitated a rash of unfortunate consequences.

Realization has to be from the perspective that the country’s citizens understand the need to simply move forward. Before being certified as either Democrat or Republican, one should first identify as American. Though the diplomatic system in place might not be considered perfect, it is one that has functioned relatively well for more than 240 years.

The fact that the United States has never been a monarchy or dictatorship is the primary difference between this country and other civilized regions around the world. If there is something disliked or disapproved of by the greater number of citizens concerning the current governing administration, they have the opportunity to “voice the vote” every four years to essentially change the narrative. That is how a democracy is designed to work; to be of the people, by the people, and for the people…in the majority.

Our country’s founders effectively established a system of government that allows every registered voter the option of a voice and even rights to protest, implement, and/or change standing regulations. Without the checks and balances scripted into the country’s administrational guidelines, every circumstance wherein there emerged disagreements could potentially escalate to the point of a civil war. That, demonstratively, could have been the situation on the sixth of this month.

For the parties that be, a determination has to be made as to how an investigation will be conducted and what consequences are levied against those found to have been in violation of the law. But more importantly is the quest to foster the country’s return to some sense of normality again, if that’s ever going to be possible.

There should never come a point in a true democracy that differences of opinions, views, and feelings on matters facilitate radical or extremist actions on the part of one party or the other. To expect that all people should always agree on every issue is unrealistic, at best. But that’s only symbolic of the principle fundamentals of a democratic establishment. Disagreement is supposed to be healthy but never digress to the point of insurrection.

Focus has to now be directed toward finding common ground in order that the entire nation might be able to move forward in hopes of healing. One can’t simply ignore the opposition’s concerns as the opinion of everyone has to be taken into consideration. Finding the right path to growth is often more challenging than correcting or, at least, compromising on the differences that sew division. But if all parties involved truly seek to make America great again the quest of discovery will prove much more rewarding than the alternative. I could be wrong but it’s just something to consider.

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