Dear Editor,

I understand that we have a budget shortfall over Georgia. But we spent $107 Million to buy these Dominion machines which have been under investigation for years. Canada does not use them, Texas does not use them, wonder why? It’s very disturbing to us taxpayers who have to foot the bill to pay for them.

It’s apparent that Stacey Abrams is running the state of Georgia. Our Secretary of State never attempted to give instruction to any county in the state but he had time to meet with Stacy Abrams to change the voter laws in Georgia?

Our Secretary of State Brad Rafensburg doesn’t care what happens to the millions of Georgians who took the time off work and made special efforts to vote in person. Some folks in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s stood in line for hours to vote in person because our Secretary of State and other leaders changed our voting laws.

Oh, by the way, our Secretary of State never provided any instructions to any county on how to set the machines, but he had plenty of time to meet with Stacey Abrams.

Dominion machines have been under scrutiny for years. We don’t even know if it’s an American company. Does any government official even care?

Why is our Governor so reluctant to call the legislature for an emergency meeting? Our Governor and Secretary of State caused this to happen. The law could be changed before the senate election.

Question – are we going to have republicans present when ballots are counted and certified?

We have a problem.

God – Guns - GA People know that the election was rigged from the start. If we let our leadership at the capitol continue to do nothing, this will be the end of the Republican Party as we know it. We will be a Socialist Country very shortly and eventually turn into another Venezuela. What are we going to tell our grandkids when they ask us what happened to our country?

Voting by mail would work only if signatures were verified and our Secretary of State refuses to order this done. We have all seen what happened in Georgia where everyone was asked to leave and four democrats came back and opened suitcases that were hidden beneath the tables and counted votes for you know who.

Our Secretary of State and Governor have let us down. We have a problem. Every freedom loving American, Republican, Democrat or Independent needs to call or email their representative and the Governor. Our Governor has the authority to handle this problem and to do the honorable thing for the State of Georgia.

The Governor has said he would not call the legislature to convene, why?

Does this make any sense to the millions of voters who supported our Governor in the last election?

We have a problem.

Please call, text or email your representative, your Secretary of State and the Governor.

I have an idea, if you were employed at a job any where in Georgia and did not perform your job, you would be fired. Perhaps we should look into our leaders in the State Capitol.

Bob Wiggins