Every single American should be interested in some of the concerns being raised by President Donald Trump and a portion of republicans about how the November 3 election was conducted across this nation and state. More and more questions are being raised daily about voting systems and the way officials handled mail-in/absentee voting in several key states.

On November 13 in United States District Court, Attorney Lin Wood filed an interesting case against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the Georgia State Election Board. The lawsuit claims Raffensperger and the state board overstepped by adding additional safeguards in the checking of signatures on absentee ballots. These changes were made in March without the approval of the Georgia legislature.

The lawsuit describes the new process as “more cumbersome and makes it much more difficult to follow the statute with respect to defective absentee ballots.”

Raffensperger’s office has responded by calling the claims “Silly, baseless and grasping.” The office believes that the legislature had already acted upon what the lawsuit is claiming.

The case will be heard by the U.S. District Court’s Northern District of Georgia. Should Wood’s request for relief be granted, it would mean the certification of ballots in Georgia would not be complete until the issue with mail-in/absentee ballots is sorted out.

Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit and others being filed across the country right now and no matter our party affiliation, all Americans should want to know that our election process is fair. Hopefully, we will know this in the coming weeks.

-Jamie Gardner