Dear Editor,

In a conversation with a County Commissioner not too long ago, I asked how he gained knowledge about important decisions he made on behalf of the county. I asked were there highly respected citizens in his district that he talked to, did he read books or do internet searches to become well informed? He told me that was not his job. I asked who’s job was it. He told me it was the county manager’s job to get all the information and share it with the commissioners, and then they would vote on it.

I lost all respect for that commissioner that day but I learned a lot. His answer explained why I often ran into citizens who seemed to know more or have better ideas than our commissioners. I now understand the weight and load our previous County Manager was carrying, and I found out how important it is for the people of Appling County to take the time and effort to hire a County Manager with the character, honesty, integrity and respect of the citizens and the other County Employees, and one who will work hard to serve all the people, not just the ones with wealth or influence.

Currently we have a commissioner serving out the remainder of his term until the end of the year. I believe he lost his bid for re-election not necessarily because of bad decisions he made, but more likely because he went along with bad decisions of others!

There appears to be a push by some on the Commissioners to hire a County Manager while this commissioner is still on the board, yet the new County Manager will never serve under him!

I believe the appropriate action would be to postpone any decision on hiring a County Manager until after the first of the year when Doug Harris takes his seat.

There are many citizens and voters who have knowledge and information about this process, but to their dismay, their concerns have seemingly fallen on deaf ears of the commissioners.

I caution the commissioners that as the voters of this county become more displeased daily, they will all face a re-election campaign soon.

Leslie Burch