Coincidence or conspiracy?

There are relatively few situations that will compel me to bother wasting the time and effort formulating an opinion about the political landscape of this country. This is one of those occasions when I have to more-or-less “go against the grain” as it would’ve been adjudicated. The biggest news feed of the year has been on-going coverage of the current pandemic due to COVID-19 or the infamous coronavirus.

Over the course of several weeks earlier this summer, a number of my columns focused on the cause and consequences of the virus while specifying that it was the unfortunate result of scientists’ efforts gone wrong. Remarkably, all focus has been on the fall-out with no accountability being assessed, as though this thing just mystically escaped from some mad scientist’s lab.

There’s no question that the coronavirus is real, regardless of how it manifested on the face of society. However, science has confirmed there was no way for the illness to make the “jump” from animals to humans without the assistance of scientists in a labratory. Is it a coincidence that infectious incidents from the “reported” virus (that isn’t even a living organism) have suddenly become more widespread leading up to the roll-out of the vaccine?

Even more disturbing is the fact that President Trump’s assertion that a “vaccine would be available very soon” was essentially dismissed as political banter. Ironically, as soon as the recent presidential election was called in favor of President-elect Biden, there were suddenly two pharmaceutical companies that had vaccines on the brink of being made available to the general public.

Oddly enough, there have been so many conspiracy theories spun into the weave of news reports being dispensed that it’s honestly difficult to know who or what to believe. There is something devastating that has taken hold on all of society and it seems to be the driving force steering the world’s population to line up for vaccination.

Another cause for concern lies in the fact that one of the most outspoken “authorities” on the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) would seem to have, at best, a serious conflict of interest regarding the virus. He has been called out for actually having sought licensing of the term coronavirus, as well as holding a stake in the development of the vaccine, which would allow him to generate income from the pandemic that has gripped the remainder of the society by the jugular.

Virtually every stage of the world’s social order has been adversely affected, and there are those who’ve strategically positioned themselves to optimize every financial opportunity at the cost, literally, of more than 250,000 Americans to this point. Unfortunately, there’s a wealth of immoral and underhanded activity found at all levels of business and even more so as the amounts of money involved increase. There’s a harsh reality structured into the foundation of America that medical care in the “land of opportunity” boils down to little more than a quarterly profit and loss statement.

A great number of people have suffered unnecessary losses in the wake of a mass-marketed disease which seems to be designed to do just what it’s accomplishing. There are issues stemming from the pandemic that have led to the closures of many businesses, restrictions imposed on the entire country and world, food and product shortages, as well as an undisclosed number of Americans being evicted from their homes. Circumstances are fostering a situation wherein people have, without choice, become more and more dependent upon the government only to have “Big Brother” control virtually every aspect of their lives.

There’s so much going on in the world that people are easily distracted from what’s really happening. One shouldn’t be as concerned about the actions of Democrats or Republicans but purpose to understand the plight of Christians; given that it would prove time better spent. Are the governments of the world stoking fear to gain even more control over people? It appears to either be a peculiarly timed coincidence or carefully constructed conspiracy.

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