Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the Appling County Pirates on a hard fought game against the Pierce County Bears.  Both teams played with a great deal of passion until the final buzzer.  Although the outcome was not as desired by the Pirates, their effort should make the Baxley community proud, as well as coaches and all who attended.  It was what “Friday Night Lights” epitomizes in America!  Good luck in the playoffs.

Speaking of America, I was blown away with pride and thanksgiving for our veterans as I watched 30 plus of America’s finest walk onto the field during the halftime performance.  The hard work and dedication to perfection was evident as the Pirate Brigade performed the rousing patriotic themed halftime program.  To honor a 96-year-old member of “The Greatest Generation” was extremely heartwarming!  America is losing those fine heroes daily, and there are only a few left in our communities.  The program closed out with inspiring music and fireworks which had everyone in the stands, on both sides, on our feet cheering, applauding and with tears in our eyes being reminded of this great country in which we live.  God Bless America and may we never forget the sacrifice of so many.

I heard an interview on the radio recently about this halftime program and knew I must see it.  Mr. Jonathan Hickox, ACHS band director, said God gave him this idea of a patriotic themed performance over a year ago.  The band opted for a different program last term and went with the patriotic program this year.  Again, Mr. Hickox acknowledged God for knowing the right timing.  We never knew what 2020 would bring to our lives.  Thank you Pirate Brigade for such an inspiring night! 

Joan Crews