Are they above the law?

Last Monday I was headed home after a long day of work. As I was traveling down East Parker (Highway 341 East), I was in the left lane, passing a slower moving vehicle in the right, when a car approached the back of my vehicle at a high rate of speed. I sped up a little to go ahead and pass the car in the right lane and put my turn signal on to let the fast-approaching car know I was trying to get over and out of its way. Keep in mind, I was in a 45mph zone in the city of Baxley.

After I moved into the right lane, the car behind me accelerated even more and flew around me. I would estimate the vehicle was probably running 65 – 75mph in the 45mph. As I looked out my driver’s side window, I was amazed to learn that it was a local law enforcement vehicle that was tailgating me and traveling at such a high rate of speed without any type of emergency lights or sirens activated.