VSU’s youngest graduate for May 2023 from Baxley

(Editor’s note: Most of the following information comes from the article “Make Way for the College’s Youngest and Oldest Graduate.” Fisher Lee is from Baxley and has been a student at VSU since he was 14. He is the son of Ron and Knicole Lee. Should you care to read the article, you may go to https://vstatecohss.wordpress.com.)

Next May, Fisher Lee will be the youngest student to graduate from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. At the young age of sixteen, he has completed nearly four years of college. His major is Organizational Leadership, but he has a double minor in Public Administration and Political Science. Not only is he ambitious, humble, and academically successful, he plans to continue next fall by working on his Master’s in Public Administration. He says he needs a solid background in the business world before he begins his medical studies. Now, he does IT work for a health care organization in his hometown, and he expects to wind up in medical management.