Veterans honored  on courthouse lawn

On Wednesday, November 11, at 11:00 a.m., Aaron Carter of the American Legion led a program on the courthouse lawn to honor all veterans of Appling County, and there are many of them. The Rev. Rick Brown opened the ceremony with prayer, followed by comments from LTC(R) Vickery, director of the AJROTC of Appling County High School.

Vickery said that one thing all veterans have in common is that they all take an oath to support and defend the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. Whether they were drafted or they volunteered, they were everyone willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom. They have all gained and lost friends as well as missed births and deaths. Then they come home ready to set examples for the rest of the community and to help it in any way possible. The best way to show gratitude to veterans, says Vickery, is to say thanks for your service, not Happy Veterans Day. There’s nothing happy about that day. Listen to veterans who want to share their stories. Just listen. Don’t interrupt them.

Local veterans who died since last Nov. 11 are Buddy Cain, age 96, and Dennis Norris, who wanted to make sure we had a parade every year to celebrate. Vickery promised Norris a parade for next year. COVID canceled this year’s.

All veterans present were asked to stand and be recognized.

A plan was in place to honor veterans at the Appling/Brantley football game, but it was canceled. The plan now is to honor them at the next ballgame, which is November 20.

Caleb O’Quinn and Hannah Edmund played Taps to end the program; the Rev. Danny Horne closed with prayer.