On August 18, at 5:30 p.m., the Appling County Commissioners called a meeting/hearing to order in the courthouse annex to discuss the FY2022-2023 Budget with the public. All commissioners were present as well as their attorney, Tracy Alan Brown.

Mike Deal said the budget will probably change some more throughout the year, but they will do their best to stay within what they proposed. He said they went up considerably on road work. They could put on a different crew to do some road building projects. If they do it in house and hire about four guys along with buying some new equipment, they can save some real money. They have $500,000 in that line item. It could stay the same and they’d spend only a small part of it with the rest returning to the general fund. Instead of paying someone outside the system to do the paving, they would do it themselves with their own workers and equipment. Deal says he’s seen it work well in the past. He thinks they have county employees who can do it. If they raise the roads up high enough, there won’t be issues that they are seeing today.