Pigs and Pickin’  Festival coming November 12-13

Appling County is preparing for a Festival to take place in the fall on November 12 and 13, a Friday and Saturday, after the weather cools down a bit. The record label has approved the announcement it will happen at the Ag Center. Niko Moon will do a concert free with park admission around 5:30 p.m. and Jameson Rodgers will perform later on Saturday, the 13th in a paid concert on the fenced in football field that is out at the Ag Center. Tickets will be on sale soon. The record label has limited the show to 3,000 tickets, so be sure to get yours fast. The Chamber hopes to sell out. You’ll have more information soon. The festival will continue rain or shine. Hot air balloons will be there and tethered rides, but there will be no flights this year. The tethered rides will be available unless the weather is exceptionally bad. They are working to sort out the deadlines.

The festival will open Friday at 5:00 p.m. and will feature a backyard barbecue cookoff. There will be a Kid Zone with seven free inflatables, and a BMX bike show, which was packed last year. These two events will be inside this year. The BMX will perform three times on Saturday.

The Balloon Lady will be doing animals from balloons again. She was a big hit last year. They hope to pull in some more artisans and are giving a discounted rate for local artisans who make jewelry, birdhouses, soap, metal art, wood art—anything handmade or crafted, not bought.

Sponsorships are available to raise more money than ever before to pay for these concerts. Friends of the Festival will be displayed somewhere, maybe on the fence. Please check with the Chamber of Commerce for more information. Community support is needed. The festival will be great for the community because people will stay in our hotels and shop around town while they’re here.

Our last festival had about 15,000 attendees. Don’t forget to bring your own chairs and blankets because almost everything will be outside. They are working on the power situation out there right now.

You won’t want to miss the Poultry Palace, the chicken show. You’ll see chickens that play the piano, do tricks, have their own music and races. They perform every hour on the hour for 15 to 20 minutes. Prepare to be amazed.

All the festivals foods like funnel cakes and popcorn will be there in assorted food trucks. There will be games and rides, a climbing wall, a mechanical bull, a mobile arcade, and a variety of vendors who provide entertainment for a fee. The 4-H Club will sponsor a cake and cupcake competition. All local children performers such as the dancers will participate on stage.