KnowN—It’s a Jesus thing

Each cross represents one of the 2387 fetuses aborted in Georgia monthly.

David Barber is currently serving as interim pastor of Ten Mile Creek Baptist Church, where Eddie Miles is a member. The vision for KnowN came from Eddie, but David and many others are working on it as well.

“This is not a Ten Mile Creek Baptist Church mission,” both men said. “It’s much bigger than that; it’s a Jesus thing, and any church who wants to help is welcome to help. It’s not too late. You can call Eddie Miles at 278-1570, David Barber at 240-0642, or Joe McGee at 278-1718 to become involved.”

Many years ago, when Eddie was living in Atlanta and attending a small church up there, the preacher called the church members to a time of prayer and fasting about abortion. Eddie has been praying ever since then. He talks to elected officials and others about it frequently.

“People are immediately ready to debate right and wrong if the word abortion comes up,” Eddie said, “but God is the author and sustainer of life; the only true hope for mankind is salvation through Jesus Christ. If we can make people see that fact, the number of abortions will automatically decrease. Right now, 2,387 abortions are performed in Georgia every month. Those white crosses (constructed by students) represent human babies.”

Eddie says that sometimes time and everyday life lets us lose sight of thing we should have our eyes and hearts on. From that time in Atlanta when the preacher called him to pray, he never completely forgot it, but the Lord forcefully laid this mission on his heart again a couple of years ago, saying to him, “They’re killing my babies and the churches are doing nothing about it.” Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born I set you apart . . .” He was calling various people and talking, but God made him see that he needed to be doing more. His talking didn’t seem to be getting any traction.

“I couldn’t sleep at night for worrying about this,” Eddie said. “Since we started this, God has cleared the roadblocks. The owner of the lot where the crusade is taking place offered the use of the land for free and told us to use it as long as we wanted to. He removed the For Sale sign he had on the property and said to use it. Abundant help showed up. The main focus is abortion, but it’s not just abortion. The message is that God loves suicidal people and wants to help them; he loves the pregnant mother who doesn’t see any other way but abortion; He loves every desperate person out there and the ones who aren’t. He’s ready to help, no matter the situation. That’s the message.”

In his dreams, Eddie kept seeing the lot on the corner of Main Street and Spruce Street. That was the place God had chosen and worked out the details for. The word spruce means life, evergreen, eternal life. He realized they were standing on the corner of Main and Life, and he saw God’s hand in the plan.

The crusade started Jan. 1, 2021 and will be continuing every night in January. Different churches will oversee the services every night. There will be masks available for anyone who needs one, and sanitation stations set up to fend off COVID. The fact that the services are outside will also help. The Consolation Baptist Association supplied the masks and is involved in other ways as well. On the day that the workers put up the crosses, a diverse group of people showed up to help, ranging from two three-year-olds to an 87-year-old lady who had to use a light-weight hammer to install her cross. The sound of hammers driving those 2387 small crosses into the ground was deafening.

Everyone is invited to attend every service possible and asked to pray that’s God’s will be done and something powerful accomplished. It starts at 6:30 nightly on the vacant lot across from Rentz and Rentz Insurance.