Dreams do come true

Nearing the end of her freshman year at the University of Georgia, Aizhia Poblete heard that it was time to audition for drum major for the Georgia Red Coat Band. Filling that position in that band had long been a dream of hers. Just getting into the Redcoat Band was hard enough since there are 400 members and students vie for each position. She was just one of thirty-six mellophones but getting to be the drum major would be something else indeed. After considerable thought, she decided to audition—just to get feed back maybe so she’d be really prepared for the next year. Twenty hopeful people tried out. These semifinalists had to conduct a prepared piece and make appropriate song calls based on the football plays.

That round of competition narrowed it down to seven, and she was still in the running. Excitement overwhelmed her, but still she told herself she didn’t have much of a chance. Sophomores very rarely made drum major. She was in it for the experience.