“Cry Out America” event to be held for Community-Wide Prayer at Harvest Chapel Church

“Cry Out America” event to be held for Community-Wide Prayer at Harvest Chapel Church

Submitted by Wanda Stone

Appling County will be having a special CRY OUT AMERICA service on Monday, September 14, at 7:00pm at Harvest Chapel Church.

CRY OUT AMERICA ~ PATRIOT DAY is on 9/11. Christian Leaders are calling for a Nationwide Prayer Initiative for Repentance, Revival and Patriotism. CRY OUT AMERICA prayer gatherings are Bible based, non-partisan and non-denominational events. The vision is for The Church, as the Body of Christ, diverse and unique but united, standing together, repenting of our sins as we seek God for a Christ Awakening, that results in true and lasting revival across our nation.

The tragedy of 9/11 was seen by many as a wake-up call for America. This is how the Cry Out America prayer initiative began. Bill Bright, (Crusade for Christ) and Loren Cunningham (Youth with a Mission), along with many other people, felt God was speaking to them as to the critical need to focus prayer on the areas having the greatest influence on society (Church/Religion; Government; Military; Media, Arts and Entertainment; Business; Education; and Family). Our prayers during Cry out America are targeted on these areas, because it is the workplace, the schools, the homes, etc. where the battle for souls is played out and where the battle is won or lost.

Cry Out America is not just a prayer initiative. It is a time to recognize and honor our First Responders. It is appropriate that these areas are included in this time of honoring first responders, because each one of these areas provide different first responder services for our needs as a society.

In addition to praying into the areas of influence and honoring our first responders, Cry Out America desires to see a return to Patriotism in America. We are blessed to live in America, a land in which we have so many freedoms, especially the freedom of religion. America isn’t perfect and never has been, but our imperfect founders realized the human imperfection and knew this new nation had to be built upon the Holy Word of God is it was going to survive and thrive. That foundation is still there, and through our continual prayers if will remain.

Please join us as we gather on September 14, at Harvest Chapel Church, to join our hearts and prayers together and repent and seek God’s Face on behalf of our nation.

Pastor Agnes Sellers, Bishop Randy Sellers and their congregation welcome all in our county to come and join in prayer on September 14. Harvest Chapel Church is located at 351 Holmesville Avenue in Baxley.

In addition to this service, all Pastors in our county are encouraged to set aside a time of Prayer and Repentance during their services on Sunday, September 13.