During this year’s Appling County budgeting process, this newspaper questioned the county commission multiple times if the county would receive tax revenues from the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG). MEAG owns 15 percent of Plant Hatch Nuclear Power Plant.

According to a letter the county received in 2003, MEAG was not responsible for paying ad valorem taxes on its 15 percent stake in Plant Hatch until existing bonds were retired or the year 2020. MEAG was sent a tax bill in 2020.

So what is a 15 percent ownership of Plant Hatch equivalent to in taxation? According to public records obtained by The News-Banner, MEAG submitted payment of $2,819,445.21 to Appling County on 12/29/2020. This amount was divided between Appling County and the Appling County Board of Education. The amount is equivalent to approximately three and one half total mills of taxation.