The Appling County Commissioners held a called meeting on Thursday, December 17, at 4:00 p.m. At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Mike Shumans announced that the meeting was a called meeting and that no public input would be allowed.

The first item on the agenda was the appointment of a new county manager. The commission had previously announced four candidates for the position including current Interim Manager Hayden Rozier, Robin Crosby, Melissa Jones and Alan Singer.

It was decided that the commissioners would need to go into an executive session for personnel at the close of the meeting before making a decision on the manager position. Following the closed-door session, Chairman Shumans asked the commissioners for a recommendation. Commissioner Charlie Leggett made a motion to hire Hayden Rozier as county manager. Commissioner Ronnie Rentz seconded the motion. Leggett, Rentz, Daryl Edwards, Sarah Boatright and Theodore Wilkerson voted unanimously to hire Rozier for the position.

Other business

The commissioners unanimously approved a modification plan presented by Appling Recreation Manager Wilton McCall and the Appling County Recreation Authority. The plan includes moving the fencing to 200 ft. on fields one and two at the Appling County Recreation Complex and installing new lighting at field six, which is located at Ernest J. Parker Park. The estimated cost to move the fencing is $9,500.00 and the total cost of the lighting at Ernest J. Parker Park is $90,698.00.

Carter Watkins Associates was recommended by Rozier to be the architect for the Community Development Block Grant application for the Head Start facility. Board members approved the recommendation.

Manager Rozier also recommended hiring Markey and Associates for the new pool project at a cost of $3,500.00. The commissioners unanimously approved the recommendation.