Following an executive session for personel purposes, the Appling County Commission voted 4-1 to hire Julie Scarborough for an administrative position for the county at a meeting held February 2. Commissioners Sarah Boatright, Daryl Edwards, Charlie Leggett and Doug Harris voted in favor of hiring Scarborough. Commissioner Theodore Wilkerson opposed the motion to hire.

Wilkserson expressed his disappointment in not being more involved in the hiring process for the position and also stated that the county office doesn’t have any minority employees.

Leggett stated that applications were available for review if anyone would like to review them.

According to County Manager Hayden Rozier, Scarborough will be paid $20.00 per hour.

Other business

Under public input, Appling County Extension Agent Shane Curry talked to the commission regarding the upcoming Market Hog Show and participation in the event over the past few years. Curry stated that in 2018 there were 20 participants in the program, 2019 had 17 participants, 2020 the participation increased to 40 kids and this year’s show will feature 50 kids. He said that since the AG Center opened, participation has increased tremendously and the pens allow kids to participate who may not have been able to in the past. He thanked the commissioners for their support and invited them to attend this year’s Hog Show planned for March 1.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Senior Resident Rich Smith introduced himself to board members and stated he be at Plant Hatch for the next few years. Smith stated he would be providing oversight of Hatch’s operations on behalf of the county and the American people. “I like to say we are the nuclear police,” said Smith about working for the NRC. “So far we have not had any issues at Plant Hatch. If we do, we will shut them down.”

The commission reappointed Ora Hall, Theodore Wilkerson and Gerry Moore to the Heart of Georgia Regional Development Commission Council.

Mike Dyal and Commissioner Edwards were reappointed to serve on the Appling County Library Board.

After considerable discussion regarding the design, the commissioners approved to allow bidding for a new awning for the Head Start facility once a design is finalized.

Board members approved to put the $1.5 million in MEAG ad valorem tax revenues in a six-month certificate of deposit account at a rate of .75 percent at Community Bank of Georgia. Community Bank offered the highest rate of return.

Commission Chairman Mike Shumans shared information with the commission regarding the potential creation of a Dive Team for the county. After much discussion about the creation and cost associated with creating the team by the commission, Ryan Perry said that he would like to withdraw his request he made to the commission at a prior meeting to create the dive team.

Under Sheriff Mark Melton’s report, he stated the sheriff’s office and 911 have been working on the road sign issues throughout the county. Melton also shared that they have contacted a company in Dublin that can create the signs for $28.00 per sign. The commission did not take any action on the sign purchases since it was not on the meeting agenda.

Appling Recreation Manager Wilton McCall gave an update to the commission on the recent recreation basketball season. He also reported that the department will host several district and state basketball tournaments in the coming weeks.

County Road Department Manager Chris Horton reported that December and January had been tough on the county’s road department due to employees being out with COVID, including him. Horton reported the county has started work on the pad for a new county shop and he reported on a number of road paving projects including Crosby Chapel Church Road, Reese Road, Cattle Gap Lane and Hershel Tillman Road.