On January 3 the Appling County Board of Education members held a called meeting. Under discussion there was an item titled Resolution to the Local Act.

Upon further examination, the resolution states the following. “BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Appling County Board of Education respectfully request that the local delegation to the General Assembly of Georgia introduce local legislation in the form attached to this Resolution which will provide for compensation of $500.00 per meeting for members of the Board of Education.”

Superintendent Dr. Scarlett Copeland explained that the Appling County Board of Education members are currently paid $100.00 per meeting and that rate has not been changed since 1988. Dr. Copeland said she really appreciates the work the board members have put into adjusting pay scales in the system and this is the last scale they worked on. There was no other discussion on the matter among the board members during the meeting.

On Monday, January 10, at a work session meeting the board officially voted unanimously to approve the resolution. The resolution will now be presented before the state legislature for approval. (See next week’s issue for a full report of the January 10 meeting.)

Other business

The BOE members were also presented information on changes to county voting district lines. The lines will mirror the Appling County Board of Commissioners Districts. Following the 2020 Census, the lines had to be adjusted to get the population numbers in line with state requirements. This item will also need to be approved by the Georgia Legislature. (This item was also approved at the January 10 meeting.)

Following an executive session for personnel, board members approved the following personnel matters:

- The board approved resignations from Dara Orvin, a SPED paraprofessional at ACMS and Sheena Taylor, a SPED paraprofessional at ACMS.

- The board approved hiring Shelia Alexander, a bookkeeper at ACPS.

-The board voted to open two SPED paraprofessional positions at ACMS.