Baxley’s new police chief, Jeffrey Taylor









On August 12, in the regular meeting of the City Council, City Manager Reid Lovett recommended hiring Jeffery Taylor to the position of Chief James Godfrey, who is retiring on August 31.   A motion to accept the manager’s recommendation and offer the job of Baxley’s Police Chief to Taylor was made by Councilman Adam Thomas, seconded by Ora Hall and cleared unanimously.  Jeffrey Taylor was born in Montgomery County and has lived there all his life, but he will be moving his wife Sheena and their four children - Haylie, Austin, Lucas, and Bowen - to Baxley as soon as all arrangements can be made.  His wife works as a paraprofessional.  He looks forward to starting to work here soon.   His family is excited about the move.  

“I probably got into law enforcement through my daddy’s influence,” Taylor said. “He was a deputy for 35 years and enjoyed the work.  I like it because there is always something new happening every day. I like being able to help people and to do that I have to get out in the community a lot.  I’m ready and eager to move to Baxley, but I’m also thankful that we have a house in Montgomery County and can move at our own pace. We’ll have time to look for a place and then move slowly.”

He knows all the law enforcement officers down here since he was a state trooper for seventeen years.  He’s met them all in one capacity or another over the years. His training is impressive; he holds all the following qualifications:  Training with Traffic or Crash investigation I and II; Traffic Accident Reconstruction I, II, III; Chief Executive Training;  Intoxilylizer Training; Tactics on Pursuit; Child Safety Passenger Safety Technician; Marijuana Certified Examiner; and Certified at-risk Adult Crime Tactics Specialist.

“I realize we are dealing with COVID-19 right now,” Taylor said, “but I want to get out and get to know people.  The more open you are with people, the more open they are with you.”