Baxley Church of God  dedicates new sanctuary

Sunday morning, March 28, members of the Church of God of Baxley gathered in their new sanctuary to dedicate it to God. They actually opened it on Feb. 15, but today was dedication day with music, more music and speaking. They showed a video of the whole process from the demolition of the old church to the construction of the new one, step by step, from the pouring of the foundation to the finished project complete with plants on the grounds. The whole project has taken a year.

Joey Hiers, a representative of the Trustees, said the project had the hand of God on it from the beginning. There were no quarrels, which rarely happens in a project that big.

“I feel like the real work is about to begin now,” Hiers said.

Pastor Lamar Lee, who’s had more than 32 years of ministry, says they have a great staff and they’ve gotten a lot done with the help of God, but he’s sure the best is yet to come. He thanked the members and workers for giving, work, sacrifice, and staying contemporary. The modern-day church must be relevant to be successful for God, to honor Him. He said the Lord has taken good care of them.

For one thing, they are sitting in a $4 million building that they only paid half or less for.

The speaker for the morning, the administrative Bishop for the South Georgia Church of God, Bishop Gary Lewis, finished the morning service and the dedication with a sermon and a prayer of dedication. He talked about Palm Sunday and said that God’s people have to remember that it’s not about them, it’s about God. And they have to do whatever is necessary to win people to Christ. He commended the people on a job well done and advised them to continue to work hard.