ACHS to celebrate the life of Julie Carter  by naming her the HOCO Grand Marshal

Julie worked at the high school 22 years as a full time employee and worked previously as a long-term substitute paraprofessional. Julie passed away on Sunday, August 30, from a short term illness. Appling County High School has certainly missed her.

Julie is survived by her husband Jimmy Carter of Baxley. One daughter, Christy (Rodney) Reese and one son, Bryan (Hilliary Faulk) Carter both of Baxley. Julie left behind three of her most prized possessions (grandchildren) Mallie and Bentlee Reese and John Faulk.

Julie loved Appling County and the people in it, but her other favorite place was the Great Smokey Mountains. She enjoyed getting away with Mr. Jimmy and taking it all in time and time again. She loved the beauty of the mountains any time of the year, but her favorite was always Fall. We cannot leave out that she was a pontoon riding Nana who enjoyed swimming, driving the boat, fishing, and throwing the grands and friends overboard. Julie loved life and all that was a part of hers.

Julie worked as the Data Clerk/Administrative Assistant for Special Education at Appling County High School. Julie always went above and beyond her job description. Her main focus was always the students. She would say, “The students come first!” She demonstrated her statement by helping them out from reading a test and or quiz to assisting with completing an assignment that he or she might be struggling with at the time. Julie always offered positive advice to the students after talking with them about their interests and plans after high school. She was always planting positive seeds of inspiration. Julie assisted in Career Technical Instruction projects at the state level, working along with the students to help them create their notebooks and posters to demonstrate the work they had put into their projects. She would drill the students on questions about their projects and made sure they understood how to address the judges at state when asked a question. Students brought back to Appling many trophies and ribbons along the way. Julie served as a transition job coach at one time in her career at ACHS. She drove the bus and took students to various businesses around the community in order for them to gain positive employment skills and on the job training. Julie worked right beside the students, from pulling up weeds/grass to stocking shelves. She wanted the students to know that all jobs were important, no matter how small or large and to always put forth your best effort in whatever you are given to do. Near and dear to her heart was Special Olympics. When Appling hosted the area Special Olympics, back in the day, Julie was a front runner in organization for games and activities for the students. Not to mention all the posters she made and times she used the old faithful hammer (do not touch the hammer during the school year) to drive those posts down in the dirt to hold the signs. After all, it had to be done correctly so all the kids would have a wonderful time. Julie took many a Grad Bash trip with the graduating seniors and helped organize the trip. She loved being active and being a part of what was going on at Appling County High School.

Julie cared greatly for her ACHS family and everyone cared for her. She enjoyed interacting with others and helping in any way possible if someone were in need. She made sure to take especially good care of her special education teachers. She did everything she could to help lessen their paper load. She always gave encouragement to each of us with much love and compassion. Ribbon! Oh my, who will iron the ribbon for the bows at graduation? Who will tie the bows to perfection? Who will use the tape measure to make sure everything is in alignment? “If it is not right, you girls will get it aligned before we leave here! It has to be just right for the graduating class and families.” As you can see, she was a woman of many hats to us here at ACHS and to the students. Missed is an understatement when it comes to the absence of Mrs. Julie Vaughn Carter.